Free Ways to get more Instagram Followers

Posting photos can be frustrating for you if you have a few followers on your Instagram profile. However, getting Instagram followers using ways (free) can be time taking task but it will give you a number of benefits with it. In this article, you can find some ideas that will greatly help you to increase followers and giving you a way to interact with them.

Some of the ideas also help you to increase engagement through liking and commenting that will lead you to get more followers fast. With this keep in mind, there is no alternative of regular posting, creative captions, vibrant images and engaging posts that people love the most. Use these tips liberally and add them to your growth Instagram strategy.

  • buy instagram followersRun a contest and offer giveaways on Instagram is one of the best ways to get more followers. Post a picture for promoting the contest, ask your followers to like and share this photo and take part in the contest.
  • Promote your profile on other social media networks with your existing followers. Ask them to follow you on Instagram.
  • Get Instagram followers naturally by liking and commenting on the other’s posts. You can use #follow4follow or #f4f to gain followers.
  • Focus on the quality of your posts. Remember to post high-quality photos to your page. No one likes pointless photos or random pictures.
  • Complete your profile bio by including branded hashtags, related keywords, and URL of your site. Make it concise, and simple because no one wants to follow you if you have the incomplete bio.
  • More engagement rate can give you new followers. Increase your post engagements by asking questions to your followers in your post’s caption.
  • Try to take some time on Sundays and post some photos because on Sunday people are likely to post fewest photos. So your post and get more engagement and visibility.
  • If you get few likes and followers at the start then don’t get disappointed, be consistent. Post regularly and you will likely to get more followers organically.
  • At the end of your post captions, use a call to actions. Get your audience and followers engaged. For example, “add your thoughts in comment sections if you like our post”.
  • Click the gear icon from your setting section in the top right side of the screen. Now hit the option find and invite a friend and suggested users then follow them (suggested users).
  • Use analytics or other tools like Piqora to fins which post has the highest engagement (likes & comments) then post these types of photos more.
  • If you are a local business then use geotags with your posts to make it more searchable. By geotagging, your posts will show in the location page and more people can see your post. That way, you can grab the attention of the local audience.
  • If you want to get Instagram followers fast then like and comment on the other’s posts. Interact with other people and follow them. Respond to the questions and comments.