Best iOS Emulator for Android In 2019

Most of the people like iOS application but that is not available on Andriod. The reason is that there are more android users than apple. Android users find the solution to run iOS applications on the android devices and iOS emulator for Android allows you to run the iPhone application on the android devices. Some application supports both operating systems but there are some cross-operating system inhibitors in iOS. If you have an android device but you want to run the iOS application on it, don’t fret here we have picked some iOS emulator that can help you to run the iOS application on the android without any hassle. Let’s delve into it!

Best iOS Emulator for Android

Iemu APK:

Iemu APK is the first choice when it comes to choosing Android’s iOS emulator. This iOS emulator gives you a virtual iOS in your android device. It is the simplest and effectual iOS emulator that requires small storage space for installation. It is also known as Padiod APK. The application developers use this iOS emulator to test the iOS app in a mobile device. You can also install a number of games and application on the android device. It is open source and well-researched software that is free of glitches when you use it for iOS applications. It is safe to use as there are no bugs observed in this emulator.


Cider Apk is an award-winning iOS emulator that is designed for Android devices. It is designed by the student of Columbia University from the Computer Sciences department. Cider Apk quite resembles with the Cider Apk. You can enjoy all the iPhone applications on the android device using this iOs emulator for Android. This application comes with the free version and there is no hidden or additional money to pay for the continual use of this application. The best part of this Cider Apk ios emulator is that you can install tons of iOS application on the android device. It is a simple and neat UI but you can’t run this iOS emulator on every android device.

Appetize ios Emulator:

Appetize iOS that is not only web-based simulator but also ios emulator that runs on android online. The web-based simulator allows you to run the application of iOS on the tabs of browsers while you can run it online for android. The Appetize ios emulator permits you to enjoy your most loved ios application on the pads and iPhones (iOS devices). The iOS developers also use it as test mode.


We hope, you enjoy the incredible journey! These iOS emulators for android make it possible to run any iOS apps and games on your android devices. All you need to have these iOS emulators that we already recommended you above in the post. We bet you these iOS emulators will help you to enjoy the all apps on your android phone. Leave a comment and ask the question if you have any question.